Where will the registrations open?
On our website at

Quand est-ce que les inscriptions ouvriront ?
En général elles sont annoncés 2 à 4 semaines avant. Consultez l’évènement en question pour connaître la date exacte.

When will the registrations open?
Registrations are annouced 2 to 4 weeks before the open. Look at the event to know exactly the date.

Can I enter in several Japan Expo Cosplay Contest with the same cosplay ?
A cosplay can only be worn once for all contest, for example you can’t enter in the Thursday contest and the Friday contest with the same cosplay.

Is my registration complete as soon as I send all the element asked?
A complete and valid registration must include every element asked. These elements are specific for every masquerade (picture, file type, media duration… ). If everything is fine, you will receive a notification through mail to confirm your registration. Take your time to read every element asked.

Can I send another media later?
No, a registration once confirmed can’t be modified. So you must send the VALID media. If you wish to change your registration, we’ll have to downgrade your registration.

What type of pictures must I send?
For the pictures, we’d prefer official artworks, screen captures as much as possible. You can send several pictures or, even better; edit them to put them on one file only.
As a last resort we will accept fanarts from official costumes.

Can I use my msn/hotmail address? I only have this one!
Communicate us a valid email address, Best choices are the ones from your internet providers, gmail or yahoo.
We won’t accept hotmail/msn/live email address due to some possible spamming/backlisting issues.

I have a weapon but I won’t use it!
In regards of security issues, you must declare if your costume includes any weapon ( more details below ). If you don’t declare a weapon, it will be taken away from you… at best.

Can I enter a contest with a bought/commissioned costume or one made with regular clothes ?
Every costume allowed to enter the contest must mostly be made by hand. The cosplayer must promise that at least 50% of his costume is made by himself or with help from friends/family. Every bought/commissioned costume will be unauthorized to register, without any regards to the percentage done by the cosplayer.

I am under 16, can I still enter the contests?
Every cosplayers below 16 years old will have to be with an adult. This adult must read, agree and sign the rules for the regarding contests.

Before my exhibition begins, can I go on a specific spot on the stage ?
-On the day of the contest when you arrive to confirm your registration, you will specify us if you wish to play your media:
*As soon as you get on the stage
*After you are placed on a specific spot on the stage (as long as it doesn’t take too long)
-the media will be played just like you will have asked.
-When your exhibition is over, you go off the stage (as quickly as possible, in order not to have any incidence on the following cosplayers)

Can I install some accessories on stage before I begin my exhibition?
-On the day of the contest when you arrive to confirm your registration, you will specify us if you have any accessories to put on stage.
*By yourself before your media starts.
*By us asking kindly our staff
(once again try to be quick on that matter)
-Once your exhibition is over, you have to take them out of the stage.

How do we do to register for the original creation/fanarts/custom costume?
You will just have to specify it when you will register for the contest as long as it fits the themes of the festivals (Manga, Anime, Asian culture, Comics, Steampunk, Movies, TV Series, Video games, J-music, Sci-Fi, Medieval, Fantasy, Heroic-Fantasy).
In this category are allowed:
-Original creations
-Fanarts costumes
-Customized official artworks costumes
You will have to provide sketches/illustrations of the costumes and/or your inspiration. The registration manager and the organization team will decide if your creation fits within the themes of the festivals.

I’d like to sing on stage, can I have a mic?
In regards of security issues, we can’t lend you a mic for your exhibition on stage.

What kind of media can I send?
Audio files have to be mp3 only. We don’t allow video files due to some logistic restrictions and also in order to bring the audience complete satisfaction.

Can you edit my media file?
No editing will be done by our staff members, before or during the masquerade.


Can I use “SPECIAL” effects on stage?
In regards of security issues, pyrotechnic in all its forms is forbidden as well as liquids.
Glitter, Confetti etc… are forbidden too.

Can I use a Boken or a Sword/Katana?
Weapons (katanas replica and so on…) are forbidden, except the one made by the cosplayers, with the only restriction that these weapons must not be harmful/dangerous.

This FAQ will grow with your questions.