Cosplay Shows


The cosplay masquerade will take place on Thursday, July 6th, 2016 on the Ichigô stage of Japan Expo at 1:30pm.


The cosplay masquerade will take place on Friday, July 7th, 2016, on the Ichigô stage of Japan Expo at 1:45pm.

Presentation and rules about Cosplay Shows

Categories and time limits

- You may enter the contest as listed in one of the three following categories

- Entrants can choose to either participate in the Individual category or in the Group category.
- Solo cosplayers have 1 minute on stage.
- Groups have 2 minutes 30 seconds.


All themes related to the convention are allowed: Manga/Anime, Cartoons, Movies, TV Series, Comics, Video Games, Personal Creations, Steampunk, J-music, Fantasy, Medieval, Heroic Fantasy and Official Artworks (if the artwork is not famous enough, we may ask you for evidence that it is no fanwork).

The Original Design category is open to :

The costume still has to fit within the themes listed above.
The EPIC staff has the final say as to whether your work fits within the themes of the festivals.

Requirements and limitations

No prefabricated or commissioned costume can enter the contest. Only homemade costumes are eligible.

For your registration to be considered complete, we’ll need :

Entrants may not enter both individual and group categories

For more information, we suggest you to read : the FAQ and the registration tutorial.


General Rules
Specific Rules

Registration dates

Registrations will open Friday, June 01 at 9 pm (Paris time)

French Selections of ECG Season 8

The french selections of ECG Season 8 will take place on Sunday, July 09th, 2016 on the Ichigô stage of Japan Expo at 2:00pm.

Only french cosplayers can participate.